3 reasons why you need to prioritise Uniforms for your Spa, Clinic or Salon.

3 Reasons why you need to prioritise a uniform for your salon

We recently launched our eco-luxe clothing collection in the February 2019 edition of Spa and Clinic.
We designed the EMBASSIE uniform range with beauty professionals in mind :- clothing suitable for professional salon wear for women who want to look good, and feel good while doing what they love everyday in the beauty industry.
But why would we be launching an eco-friendly clothing collection into a space that is already well known for its traditional beauty tunics?

Here are our top 3 reasons why your uniform choice needs to be a priority. It can make or break the success of your beauty business, staff turnover and reputation.

Your staff are your Brand Ambassadors.

Most beauty professionals take pride in their appearance. Hair is maintained, make up immaculate and skin care regimes are followed to a “t”. Salon guests have come to expect a certain level of staff grooming when they come to a SPA or beauty salon for their treatment. There’s really no excuse to dress in a less than perfect uniform. What staff wear everyday is a way of expressing themselves as individuals, as well as representing the brand. There are no short cuts when it comes to making a great first impression. What you choose to wear as uniform is a big part of that aesthetic.”Our customers compliment us on our new uniforms all the time” is something we like to hear! That’s when we know our uniforms are working as they should. Doing their job, impressing your clients.

Stepping up your uniform game is a great way to entice new staff on board

“It’s so hard to find great staff – and keep them!” We hear this a lot.
Research shows that most people will chose a job with a company if they like their uniform, opposed to those where they don’t like the uniform. In fact, most people prefer to work with a business that has a uniform, compared to those that don’t at all. A business with no uniform is perceived to lack professionalism, and inconvenient for the job seeker. Uniforms and Spa wear collections featured our Embassie collection empower staff, therapists and salon owners to be able to choose what works for them. Yet still remain on trend and in line with brand guidelines. Everyone wins. When salon guests compliment well dressed teams for looking SO amazing – just watch staff confidence levels soar. Therapists won’t be going anywhere, except kicking more goals for your business.

Your brand may have an eco-friendly ethos or policy, but are your uniforms compliant?

Who made your uniforms, what are they made from and how long will they last? If you don’t know the answer to any of these questions, then how do you know they’re environmentally friendly? We work with globally recognised, ethically certified suppliers. Our Uniforms are made from sustainable materials that are ALL THE THINGS when it comes to being eco-friendly. Our uniforms also feel incredible to wear. They don’t get smelly, hot or itchy so these are the kind of spa wear that won’t end up in the bin after a few wears. The durability of our spa wear is guaranteed to last a minimum of 6 months. If cared for correctly, with regular wear, they should look great for 12 months. When uniforms start to look a bit tired, that is time to re-invest in your brand image.

Have a browse over your recent copy for even more reasons why you need to find “The Right Fit” for uniforms for your business. Written by the eloquent and stylish Nadine Dilong, Spa & Clinic editor.

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