5 Easy Care Hacks

Hacks to make uniforms last longer

Wash in cold water, make uniforms last longer

1. Cold wash

Your clothes will last longer, and will
be less likely to shrink if you keep the temperature setting under 30 degrees!


2. Dry on hangers

Hang your clothes on the line on a hanger – that way they’re less likely to need an iron when dry. Especially our new collections, little or no iron needed.

If you hang this way straight out of the machine, uniforms will be good to go in less than 48 hours.


How to make uniforms last longer : dry in shade

3. Air dry in shade

Hang out your washing away from direct sunlight and inside out, that way your clothes will be
less likely to fade. Especially for styles like aprons that
are made from denim or are wax coated.


4. Dry clean less

Your bank account will love it if you can dry clean less, but if you really need to, make sure to ask the dry cleaner to go easy on their chemicals. Harsh chemicals will cause your clothing to deteriorate quickly.

5. Think Climate

Wash less. This is a great excuse to do less washing, you’ll be saving water, energy and money! If you’re needing to wash regularly, make sure to fill the machine each time and use eco-friendly detergents.


If you can keep these in mind on laundry day you’ll not only save money, energy and water, but you’ll have more time to do the things that you actually love doing.

You’re welcome.


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