5 Reasons why your staff will love wearing bamboo

5 Reasons why your staff will love wearing bamboo

We get asked why we love bamboo clothing all the time.

It’s still quite new in the market place, most people will know it as an eco-friendly fibre predominantly used for underwear, bed linen and baby clothes.

We have a long list of reasons why we love it for uniforms but here are the top 5 things that you might not know about Bamboo, and why we think you’ll love it too.


Bamboo is a plant that doesn’t need a lot of water to grow and can regenerate from its own roots. It grows quickly so it’s great for bamboo farmers (they get regular income no matter the weather). Plus – the eco-friendly crop growth won’t destroy nearby lakes or wildlife because there are no chemicals to infect the soil. Anything that doesn’t require pesticides, chemical fertilisers and a lot of precious water to grow certainly ticks some big planet friendly boxes for us.


Bamboo clothing is a little bit shiny like silk, and feels just as soft as cashmere – but without the price tag. Plus, bamboo is 100% Vegan.

Naturally it’s as strong as steel (have you ever tried to snap a bamboo stem?) and when wet, becomes even stronger. Compared to cotton, it’s 3 times stronger but still remains soft an luxurious to wear.

Considering there will be spills in most treatments and services, it’s reassuring to know that our bamboo products will withstand the spills.



Like cotton, bamboo clothing is breathable but unlike cotton, bamboo is moisture wicking. This means that bamboo naturally draws water (and perspiration) away from the skin. This is everything when you’re working in a warm environment and prone to unsightly wet marks. It also dries in super quick time so that your laundry can be ready for duty soon after the wash. We blend our bamboo with a little polyester to be able to offer such easy care products. That way you can pop the alarm on snooze for an extra 10 minutes in the morning and cancel the ironing!


It’s always tricky to plan an outfit when the heaters are on full blast during winter – and zero degrees outside. We’re from Melbourne and frankly it’s difficult to plan an outfit any day of the year!. Bamboo is quite magical in that it’s self-regulating, so you’ll be comfortable in any temperature. Not only that, it won’t absorb odour so it doesn’t matter how sticky you might get while on duty – especially if you’re working in the tropics – you will stay fresh all day long.


Research shows that bamboo has natural antibacterial properties. This is so important for anyone working in a sanitised space. These anti-fungal properties have already made bamboo popular for making socks (especially for men) and products for babies, like towels and blankets. We know how important hygiene is in the service industry, especially in these covid times! It’s an added bonus to be able to wear something that is also protecting your clients from additional nasties.

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