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It’s a ZING thing.

Coaching that will take your salon business to the next level by cutting waste, finding time and increasing profits.

If you own, or work in a hair or beauty salon business that is starting to plateau, drain every spare minute of your time… or even worse, LOSING profits, then you probably want to throw in the towel. It can be overwhelming. You can’t possibly tip more time and money into a business that is losing its momentum.

What if there was a way that is guaranteed to help you achieve next level goals, without remortgaging your home, working 900 hours a week or lowering your prices to ‘attract’ new clients out of desperation.

What if you could work less and even get to stage where you can put your prices up?

Sounds good for any salon business – right?

Working in the hair & beauty industry – You’re creative. You have a flair for identifying trends. You’re an expert in your niche and possess a knack for nurturing the self esteem of your clients.

You have special gifts indeed! But – perhaps, like us sometimes, you’re inclined to be more ‘creative’ minded, than ‘business’ minded…

We’re asked many times if we can recommend coaches that can help hair & beauty businesses thrive. We follow everyone on the THE ZING PROJECT coaching team for inspiration and business tips for The Uniform Stylist, as well as tips we can share with our community.  Founder, and industry mentor, Lisa Conway speaks, coaches and writes the same way she approaches life – straight from the heart, with passion, humour and a true belief that people hold the secrets to success within themselves.

Lisa Conway - @the.zing.project Instagram

Lisa Conway – speaking @the.zing.project Instagram

All coaches on the Zing team are well equipped to coach and mentor professionals in the hair & beauty industry. Sure, the coaches have long, successful careers under their belts! But, they were once in your shoes. The Zing coaches regularly share their industry insights with the kind of humble transparency that only personal experience can allow them to do. Exposing their own mistakes, milestones, wins and challenges that help support every salon owner throughout their journey to success.

It gets real, raw and confronting at Zing.

You can NOT hide behind excuses.The road to success is all about perseverance and consistency.

You will need to hold yourself accountable in every way, but with the Zing team supporting you, you’ll be in good hands.

We sat down with Jay from the Zing coaching team after connecting at an inspiring Zing event last year.

Jay Chapman is known for his charismatic, cheeky (slightly P.i) wit!! He has his own personal hashtag #unapologeticallychapman (follow along and you’ll get it!) but is equally notorious for his holistic, bespoke approach to coaching salons. Jay is prepared to dive in and help you quickly uncover what hasn’t worked and build a strategy for you that will work.

JAY CHAPMAN - Instagram

JAY CHAPMAN – Senior Coach Zing project

What/who inspires you Jay?

WOW that was a great intro! Thank you. What inspires me? Results and GRIT. My word of the year is grit as it means so many things to me and keeps showing up as a theme for success. It’s a word that represents what I get to see everyday in my team and also my clients.

It’s patience, persistence, flexibility, tenacity and just have the kahuna’s to go and get what you want!

As for who inspires me, I would have a list, a very very long list of people that inspire me to do what I do. It would be very boring (like a Logies acceptance speech) if I was to list them all!

What I will say is this, I read an amazing book a few years ago, (Influence, By Warren Cass) That instructed me to reach out those who inspire me, tell them, befriend them, sponge off them and learn from them. I did. I believe your network is your net worth, you need to surround your self with incredible people.

Building confidence in your team – how do you do that in the salon business?

How long do you have?! Firstly you have to start with YOU. A lot of salon owners have what I like to call “free range chooks” A team running around doing their own thing. The sooner you work on yourself and your own leadership skills or lack thereof the sooner you will reap the rewards.

When you signed up to own a business, you let go of the option of having 7/10 day. You need to lead from the top and be able to look inward, Look at yourself HARD as the buck stops with you.

Management is dead, you need to become a great leader to inspire confidence in your team.

JAY & SALON TEAM - InstagramJAY & SALON TEAM – Instagram

Can you tell us a little something about Lisa’s book?

Game changer. Salon owners come to us now having read the book knowing our ethos and values. To walk into a salon and have the owner greet you knowing what you stand for is huge. Before they even personally they already have an appreciation for what ZING is, and most importantly WHY we do what we do.

So many people say “I’m not a reader” grinds my gears! How’s that working for you?

Lisa Conway - The Naked Salon - Book

Lisa Conway – The Naked Salon – Book

What is the first thing you would recommend a salon to do to kick off the new financial year?

Love this question! Fall in love with your numbers! You now have the end scoreboard of the game you played for the last 12 months. The good, the bad and the ugly. It’s now time to unpack your figures and go into macro detail. Not just all the accountants hoo haa, but also your KPI’s and team performance. What trends can you see?

One thing I know for sure that success and failure leaves clues, go back upstream and find out where you went wrong and make a plan to pivot so you don’t repeat history.


Amazing insights here – THANK YOU Jay!

For any enquiries about The Zing Project and their services, head over to the website for more.

Jay and I had a conversation (on the air) recently. A casual chit chat about the importance of uniforms in the beauty industry in general. But – more specifically – the confidence they enable you to feel when you’re wearing an outfit that not only represents your salon, but also helps you feel really good about yourself.

All day, everyday.


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