When you’re a small business owner, the journey can be a rollercoaster of thrilling highs and all-consuming lows. Working in isolation can be lonely (particularly if you’re in a regional location) which can take its toll on mental health and general well being – no matter how much you love what you do, or how tenacious you might be. There are plenty of small business groups that support women in business. They’re all about empowering women in business, they lift each other up. Everyone has the opportunity to feel like part of something bigger, feel safe to ask questions and network.

I recently joined Beaute Industrie –  an incredibly welcoming, supportive and rapidly growing online community that is passionate about supporting people in the beauty industry and helping them feel connected to each other. 

It’s no wonder the culture within this group is so welcoming! Founder, Director and Community Creator, Tamara Shaw is so dedicated when it comes to inspiring and engaging all in the community. Aside from her own long spanning career in the beauty and wellness space (with a wealth of expert insights to share), Tamara is passionate about encouraging members to share tips and educate other members. The weekly podcasts have been a great way for me to get to know other community members and learn from a variety of industry experts.

I was recently given the opportunity to chat about The Uniform Stylist with Tamara , and as a business, how we can provide our support to the Beauty Industry. We strive to inspire with innovative uniform design, but we’re also open to be inspired by those in the community who want to share their ideas.

For anyone wanting to look good and feel good everyday, but can’t find a uniform to suit their needs, have a little listen in to our podcast with Beaute Industrie : HERE

For further support in all other beauty business aspects – Create a Member Profile and start connecting with like-minded souls, like US, at Beaute Industrie here 

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