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People don’t buy products or services, they buy feelings. How your brand, your product or service makes someone feel is critical to the success of your business.

The essence of your brand is what makes your business special and that’s what will attract a new customer, and keep them coming back.

You know what that special something is, but how are you communicating that to your audience?

Especially in today’s accelerating digital era, how do you ensure that what you’re communicating through all touch points is consistent – and where do you even start?

When you’re in the fashion space, including the Hair and Beauty industries, image is everything.  You need to partner with someone you can trust with that image, as well as the ethos of your brand.

We recently collaborated on some projects with a SUPER exciting business that specialises in branding and marketing for hair and beauty salons…oh, and fashion brands. What a trifecta!

We spoke with Sarah Garner, Creative Director and Founder of Digital Bloom  and asked for some expert branding advice in the niche that we’re both so passionate about.

Examples of branding concepts for your salon

Branding for your salon by Digital Bloom

1.Why did you start Digital Bloom – WHY do you do what you do?

Digital Bloom was founded to provide creative and strategic branding, marketing and social media solutions in the Hair, Beauty and Fashion industries to help businesses showcase their brands, nail their personality and reach their ideal customer – all without breaking a sweat (or a nail) of course.

We are big believers in custom strategies for both your branding and marketing that align with your business goals and help you in achieving the outcomes you want for not only your brand, but as the owner of your business, your life too.

We know that each business is unique. With that comes the need for a considered, strategic, tailored approach to branding and showcasing your talents to the world. That’s why we don’t believe in ‘one size fits all’ branding solutions or cookie-cutter strategies. And that’s what we do best.

2. Why is an on-point brand so important in the fashion, hair and beauty industries?

How do you stand out in an over-crowded marketplace? Do you swim upstream with the other fishes? HELL NO! In order to speak volumes to your target audience you need to firstly know who they are and where they’re hiding.

On-point branding goes so far beyond the logo – I’m talking into outer space (don’t even get me started *palm-to-face*)! Why? Because in order to stand out in a crowded marketplace (or stream), you really do need to have consistent messaging (and killer visuals of course) across all media touch points. That is anything from; social media, online presence to print marketing and word of mouth marketing.

The industries we’re in have changed. It’s so important that you brand stays in the game, keeping up with media and staying true to your amazing brand – to create a life your yourself as the business owner on your terms (werk it gurl or boy, we don’t discriminate). Your brand values are the key drivers in your brand’s success. Live, work and lay by them when it comes to your brand and you could literally move mountains!

3. A common point entrepreneurs make is that their entire marketing strategy consists of Facebook and Instagram – what’s your take on that?

My ALL TIME FAVOURITE TOPIC – how did you know Leesa *wink*?

Yes, Facebook and Instagram are wonderful tools to market your business and grow your community. But those alone do not form your whole marketing strategy, it is important to remember that social media goes hand in hand with branding and other forms of marketing to achieve a successful marketing campaign for your brand. You will still need to invest in high quality printed collateral, email campaigns, online ads and even the occasional text message campaign. Of course, don’t forget one of the most impactful business-growing tools available – exemplary customer service.

We’re talking the whole shebang, the more you spread your message on an array of platforms not only to market your promotion, but also your business! Print marketing IS NOT dead, it’s becoming a rarity, jump back on the bandwagon and cover all bases – one design flooded everywhere isn’t that hard is it?

Remember that cookie cutter strategy I mentioned earlier? Ultimately it all boils down to what works for YOUR ideal AUDIENCE and where they hang out; for example, if you’re posting on Snapchat and your audience don’t hang out there STOP POSTING THERE! You are wasting your time!

Get your messaging right, your look on point and absolute clarity on WHO your ideal audience is. This results in your brand speaking in VOLUMES to your ideal audience (can I get a cha-thing?).

4. What are your thoughts on a brand just being defined by your logo?

Don’t even get me started – how long is a piece of Chanel fabric?

Why fit in when you were born to stand out?

Your brand has a story, and it’s your role as the brand owner to share it. Branding is so much more than your logo – it’s everything! From how you write, talk, dress and what you value. To the amazing visuals, colours and even the products and service you provide – so many aspects make up a brand!

It’s a marketing discipline with proven techniques for effectiveness. Because it ties everything together with consistent look, feel, and personality, the company brand is certainly the most integral component in marketing.

Digital branding solutions

Thrive online through on-point (and on-trend) digital solutions

We’re in love with Digital Bloom’s work. (PS : how HOT is their launch vid?)

Sarah and her team are overflowing with innovative ideas.

With packages that are affordable, on point and consistently fresh, your business is bound to bloom in no time. More info here.

PLUS, don’t forget to stalk their Instagram for industry specific, beautiful branding and marketing tips (DID I MENTION FREE TIPS!)

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