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In 2016, Founder Jessica Mendez created the therapist co (TTC) to empower therapists in the skin / beauty industry to be able to live their dream lifestyle. TTC provides access to work in aligned local clinics and salons that enable them to work flexible hours with variety week to week, TTC has enriched the lives of numerous therapists throughout Vic, and has now extended the service to NSW!

The temping agency is a win / win scenario, where all clinics and salons are supported with a seamless process as part of their membership. TTC aligns like minded, expert therapists when requiring staff at the last minute, or in times of need.

We chatted to Jess and some of her expert therapists recently when they generously offered their time, and their bodies to test out some of our products. It struck me while we were trying on different styles and discussing what styles would work best for different tasks, just how knowledgable and experienced these professional beauties are!

We’re all about collaborations that align with our values here at The Uniform Stylist, especially when it comes to empowering women in the beauty industry – so we thought this was a great opportunity to chat to Jess.

Why did you decide to start The Therapist Co?

I definitely remember the day the TTC concept came into my mind.

I felt at a loss with the lack of support and opportunity within my work environment. As a Manager and Head Therapist, I’d often be overloaded in the clinic /salon. It was unavoidable as staff obviously get sick without notice, go on holidays etc. I thought that there had to be a better way to overcome these challenging times.  All managers really needed was access to support, and be able to seek that out quickly and efficiently. Especially when a team is understaffed, because that’s when our clients suffer the most, as well as the therapists carrying the extra load. There have been support services available in the medical/nursing profession, so perhaps there could be one for therapists.

Not only did I seek support as a Manager of a business, but on a more personal level, sought greater flexibility and choice in my own work day.

I felt that my highest values day by day were not being met. However my love of the industry had not changed, I just wanted to participate in it differently.

The Therapist Co. concept was born in Melbourne, empowering therapists to make choices within the industry. This platform would allow them to work alongside their personal goals and gain valuable work-life-balance. Ultimately, that’s going to be more sustainable long term and in turn, prevent burn out and loss of passion.

How do you personally think that therapists can feel empowered in the work place?

This is a great question, and not asked often enough. Therapists are what make up the work place (clinic/salons).

To empower a therapist is to empower your business, and who wouldn’t want to get the best out of both? Inevitably there will be a flow on effect of positive energy that will enhance the customer’s experience within your business as well!

I believe the power of choice is invaluable. It allows therapists to be able to verbalise what their most important values are, and how they see themselves operating within a business.

What does their best self look like?

Actually appearance is a great one to focus on! When we look good, we feel good. We say this to our clients all the time.

Taking care of not only the way our skin looks, but the way our clients perceive us in general is so important. Uniforms like yours Leesa, from The Uniform Stylist, are all part of the that overall appearance and perception. As a therapist, knowing we look good and are comfortable allows us to feel more confident when interacting with clients in the treatment room. It’s about being perceived as stylish and professional. Dressing well empowers us to feel that way.

I’m sure you would have many conversations with your therapists about their needs when it comes to working in a variety of salons. Could you share a few with us?

When we’re on-boarding a new therapist there are a couple of questions that come up every single time:

-What is the pay? Obviously – we all wish to be compensated for our time and the expertise we bring to the business

-What do I wear? Every salon has different standards!

This demonstrates the key areas of importance to a therapist – and it’s true. Whenever you go to a party, a wedding or a job interview –  you want to make sure you’re dressed appropriately for that event or meeting. That includes matching the style of your outfit to the vibe of wherever you are going. 

I’m not just saying this because we’re having a conversation with The Uniform Stylist, but because it is important and something that should be prioritised in each business.  What a therapist wears, determines how they feel all day long.

Some direct quotes here on The T.U.S uniforms:

“These pants are so comfortable – I would wear them all the time – and not just as a uniform!”

“It’s so nice to be able to wear a dress as a uniform – we want to FEEL like we are in the beauty industry, so being able to wear a dress sets us apart from other service industries”

“The material is so perfect, so light! I feel like I can breath and move easily”

“We love your zips, so much easier than all those buttons in the morning, I don’t have time for buttons!”

We’re always interested to know what salons and clinics expect in the way of staff image. Could you share with us what your clients require when it comes to therapist presentation?

There is a standard expectation of a ‘beauty’ look for therapists. This image is generated by the needs of the industry in that, looking a certain way promotes the business and inspires its customers.

What exactly does this ‘beauty’ look entail?

-Clear skin

-Natural look

-Hair tied back

-Neat, clean clothes

What does this mean for a therapist?

Well, there is a tendency to look a bit like an army!

This can be a concern for some therapists. They can feel as though part of their unique personality is taken away. Especially when wearing the exact same uniform as their colleagues.

Each therapist wants to be able to highlight a piece of their individuality. At the end of the day, it’s this genuine warmth and self assurance that will attract clients back again and again.

A therapist will be able to thrive when given a choice about what uniform they’re wearing all day. As long as it’s also a stylish reflection of the salon/ clinic that they represent. This is why it’s so important to have these kinds of discussions about presentation.

What can we expect to see from the Therapist Co for the rest of 2019?

Well …TTC is gaining a very valuable member in August 🙂

I’ll be heading on maternity leave between the end of July-November! We’ll only be servicing existing clients during this time, however when I return, NSW will be our key growth area. We hope to build databases of therapists and clinics in NSW equal to the extensive support network that we’ve established in Victoria.

If you’re a salon/ clinic in the beauty industry, or a therapist who likes the sound of this empowering way of earning a living on YOUR terms, then head over to the therapist co website for more info.

Feedback from the Behind the scenes with the TTC girls seen here 

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