Carlisle Homes

Case Study

“We have worked hard to deliver the best house and land packages, with a goal to make the entire process convenient and easy. Delivering breathtaking home interior design is our passion. We work side by side with expert designers in the field to be able to create the look and feel that makes every home unique.” – Carlisle Homes

With a team of over 400 staff moving into a new office space and embarking on a brand upgrade, the Operations Manager; Sandy and Spectra Showroom Manager; Tamara were inspired to seek an equally passionate design partner to create unique uniforms.

As you would expect as market leaders, quality in all areas of customer facing service is a priority. The Carlisle Homes team needed fresh designs, styles that would complement the new office space. However, finding an aligned look from most ready-made uniforms that were available in the market at the time was proving to be a challenge.

So, together, we created an extensive womenswear collection working with fabrics and design elements that were sourced by our team, and all carefully considered before signing off by the stylish duo.

The final collection features modern silhouettes exclusive to Carlisle Homes : bodysuits, eco-friendly luxury-feel fabrics, and the company brand colour – a sophisticated teal blue. All designs are branded with either a pip label, embroidered using a subtle self-colour logo, or the new stunning ombre brandmark to finish the look.

We even created a belt with the brand icon as a metal clasp.


All designed in Melbourne, and manufactured with our long term off shore partners, the bespoke process was completed in June 2022.

In addition to the custom designed pieces, we styled a uniform suite for all areas of customer facing roles and construction teams by working with brand partners; Syzmik and Biz Collection.  These pieces include outwear and suiting (mostly for men) that also feature the new ombre logo.

Everyone on the team has plenty of options to choose from.

The final result : A unique, high end, fashion forward look. Uniforms that are both stylish and practical – even when working from home.


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