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Behind the scenes in the design room

Ever wondered what it takes to design a uniform from start to finish? An incredible amount of love, research, testing,…

Dress Code mood board

Work-Leisure – Embracing the new workwear dress code

“Don’t change to fit the fashion, change the fashion to fit you” A statement that’s never been more relatable than…

Our mood board with styling options for wearing navy and black together

5 Tips for wearing Navy and Black together

Wearing navy and black together has divided the workplace uniform for years. The colour Navy has often been relegated to…

The Uniform Stylist | Designer Face Mask Collection Australia

DESIGNER FACE MASKS : Why you’ll want to wear them right NOW, and on the other side of COVID-19

Face Masks.  Face Masks are not known to be as a stylish, sustainable and practical fashion accessory?  Or are they?…

Uniform Style - How to find the perfect uniform

UNIFORM STYLE : The secret to finding a uniform that will make everyone happy!

Is it even possible to create a uniform style that will make everyone on your team happy? That sounds as…

Good quality makes uniforms last longer

10 Simple and planet friendly ways to make uniforms last longer

We’re often asked for our suggestions to help make uniforms last longer. There are so many ways to do this,…

READ MORE - The new 20's

New Year, New Decade! Is your business ready for The New ‘Roaring 20’s?

What an incredible time to be alive & in #business! With so much devastation going on in our home country,…

Pinterest Mood Board 2020

Workwear Fashion 2020 and beyond. What does the next decade have in store for your wardrobe?

The clothing we buy for our personal wardrobe is a decision we all make based on an emotional, sensory reaction….

Uniform Strategy

How to cut costs, save time and have full control over uniform solutions for your business.

“It’s impossible to find uniform solutions that align with our brand” “Ordering uniforms is SO hard” “I want everyone on…