How to choose the best uniform for your team.

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Choosing a uniform for your business that represents your brand is one of the most exciting parts of a new launch or a brand refresh.

If your business is at launch stage, then options for uniforms are abundant. Like a blank canvas, ready to create a unique masterpiece inspired by your vision board. If your business is already fundamentally strong, but the visual identity is looking a bit stale or dated, then a uniform is a great way to create a new look and feel that is more engaging for your clients and staff. This overhaul usually includes a new logo design, colour palette and a refurb to the site and digital platforms. All elements need to be in alignment at all stages of the brand journey.


Interior Illustration Sketch With Material Color Scheme Concept

Interior sketch for hotel with fabric colour scheme and brand palette


In addition to visual appeal, other important aspects come into consideration. You know your business niche better than anyone, yet the vast array of uniform options available can be overwhelming for those without expertise in the apparel industry. A dedicated uniform supplier, or stylist, can help review the pros and cons. They can offer advice about customising, help you maximise budgets and meet deadlines.  Ultimately the final decision is up to the business management team & leaders – so doing due diligence prior to sign off is important – no matter the size of your business.


We’ve developed some solutions, to enable you to make informed decisions for your uniform. They are tried and tested and ensure everyone on your team will feel heard, valued, and proud with the result. 

But first, let’s address the elephant in the room, shall we?

Can we *really* make everybody happy with a uniform?

Literally – no.   Unless you’re also offering free ice cream for a lifetime!

However, you can arm yourself with all the tools available to you. That way you are in with a good chance to achieve a positive response and create the best uniform for your brand.

The bigger and more diverse the team, the more likely you’ll encounter staff with clothing preferences that aren’t inline with the uniform direction. When the uniform collection is designed with a variety of coordinating styles, it is more likely more people will match with their preferences. There is no “one style suits all”, and there is no “one size suits all” . Sizing is important to ensure there is product to fit everyone. So we recommend a few spares in each size when ordering as bodies fluctuate, and staff come and go in different sizes.


Different Silhouette Of Young Women

Different silhouette of women


It might all sound confusing, and be a little overwhelming starting the uniform selection journey. No stress though! We can help you overcome these obstacles, and source inspiring uniforms that can help everybody on your team feel good about how they look.


Follow our suggested guidelines below, and you’ll be able to create a uniform that :



Hainan Airlines male and female uniforms

Credit : Hainan Airlines Crew


Your brand “why” is part of your uniform “what”.

The brand message – refreshed or current – needs to be strong, meaningful, and aesthetically pleasing to encourage more staff to appreciate the uniform’s foundation. If staff are engaged with the brand values and ethos, they tend to be less concerned about how they personally feel about certain design details. When on-boarding new staff, pump them up about the exciting aspects of the uniform, the new branding direction in general and how much effort went into the designs.

Workwear Group Sustainability

Credit : Workwear Group, sustainability report image.

We also advise sharing our long term wear tips with you team to help them share the responsibility if they are washing their uniforms at home. Ideally, all staff should get the opportunity to understand the narrative around why the uniforms were chosen. By including interesting points like who designed the uniforms (a designer or creative peers in the team) and what elements were considered in order to make the final decision (sustainability-focused , fashion-forward, or made from a newly developed, luxury fabric) helps people understand the journey. Because the why is just as important as the what.

Budget – why the cost of the uniforms is equivalent to the cost of your brand reputation.

We all know you ‘get what you pay for’. Some brands place a large financial investment in interior fittings, PR, marketing and experienced staff.  They upgrade brand elements regularly …. only to skimp on uniforms. Eeek.

As Sir Richard Branson says “Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients.”  Dressing to impress is a cliche, but only because it’s true.


Richard Branson stands in front of airline and Virgin Atlantic flight team

Sir Richard Branson with Virgin Atlantic team

Mediocre uniforms are important to avoid in customer-facing roles.  A poorly designed uniform can risk downgrading all the hard work that went into the other branding aspects of the organisation. Without complementing uniforms, your customer will identify with the wrong brand message. Aim to spend around $700 – $1000 per year, per staff member to ensure they have enough spares for variety and washing. Typically, x 3 items for full timers, x 2 for part timers /regular casuals, and x 1 for casuals with a couple of shifts per week. Staff will also need appropriate clothing for the climate too. This includes hats, coats, raincoats and puffer vests if they are working outside regularly. With sufficient options to mix and match, as well as weather-appropriate uniforms supplied, your team will feel valued and prioritised as one of your organisation’s greatest assets.

As we say at The Uniform Stylist,

train people well enough so they can leave, dress them well enough so they don’t want to”.

Thanks again for the inspiration Sir Richard Branson.

Too many top priorities, leaves us with no top priorities.

Need an affordable uniform that’s breathable, doesn’t need to be ironed, keeps you cool in summer AND warm in winter? One that is also long lasting, sweat wicking and can be tumble dried? What about one that never fades, doesn’t show dirt and is chemical resistant? Let’s not forget the all important comfort factor and is slimming for everyone.

Sound like your ‘wish list’?

Then you are not alone. This is a common brief for every one of our industries.

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of uniform options that fill such an extensive brief with so many priorities.

The good news is, if we focus on a few of these priorities – as TOP priorities – the uniform options are endless.

Pick up to 3  priorities and make them your non negotiable deal breakers to avoid feeling let down.

Example 1:

Must be low iron, low colour fade and last a long time.

Then choose products made from polyester or nylon.


Example 2:

Must be breathable, have a relaxed casual vibe, and keep you cool in summer.

Then choose loose cotton, linen or bamboo and short sleeves for top of body and lightweight bottom of body.


Example 3:

Must be breathable, sweat wicking, low iron and comfortable.

Choose tech fabrics with sweat wicking properties in a knit fabric. Like jersey, or fabrics with additional elastane.


You can also get bonus benefits in addition to your top priorities.

Uniforms that are a great price, as well as stocked in all sizes when you need them are an added bonus. However, be prepared to accept that some priorities, will cancel out the benefit of others.  Sometimes your ideal uniform is worth waiting for, or paying a little extra . Try to organise uniforms at least 2 – 3 months in advance to avoid disappointment. We don’t want any staff members missing out due to an unavailable size.

 Man Struggling To Button Trousers, Obesity, Saggy Belly, Plus Size

Man struggling to button trousers that are too small

When quality and design matters in order to get the best uniform

Weve worked in both the fashion industry and uniform manufacturing for over 20 years. In this time, weve designed 1000’s of garments and supplied uniforms to 1000’s of clients. Through these collaborations, we’ve experienced many challenges that businesses face when choosing uniforms for their teams.  We’ve worked with, and tested every type of material you can imagine. When it comes to comfort, durability and affordability, we choose fabrics that we know perform. It then comes down to choosing the number one priority for you and your business.  We ensure that we tick enough boxes to fulfil your uniform brief before we suggest a fabric or design detail. We aim for a fit for purpose uniform, with an elevated look that emulates high fashion.


Portrait Of Textile Designer Choosing Fabric From Stack Of Rolls Inside Sustainable Workshop

Female textile designer inspecting fabric rolls inside workshop



And really, we can help you prioritise uniqueness, style and creativity as well as functionality. We understand that looking good is often THE top priority, especially when it comes to standing out amongst your competitors. Daring to be different, and trying something new is the key to leaving a great impression on your clients. Not to mention …that point of difference is how potential customers will remember you.

 It’s not your customer’s job to remember you, it’s your responsibility to make sure they don’t have the chance to forget you “

Because when you look good you feel good. And when you feel good, you perform at your best, enabling your team to provide a 5 star service everyday.

TLDR, In summary :


  • Do some due diligence, research concepts and suppliers that are in line with your brand values.
  • Have a realistic budget that provides for all sizes, and enables long term wear. For example : order enough product for each staff member so there is plenty available to them.
  • Sharing interesting stories about why the designs were created can help staff feel more engaged with the product.
  • Prioritise the deal breakers, and ensure there are sizes to fit, and styles to suit every body.
  • If you don’t understand what fabric compositions are – including their pros and cons –  then ask a professional apparel expert to explain them.
  • Choose products that look great, and align with your brand aesthetics to avoid mixed messages for your clients.
  • Stock up on ice cream.

These recommendations can help you choose the right fit (pun intended) for your business. However, if you still need more help, book a consultation with us now.

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