Your next-level uniform collection, styled by fashion experts sourced from ready-made, easily-accessible options.

Uniform Styling + Sourcing + Ongoing Management

Having a stand-out brand is important to you —and your uniform is a core part of that.

You have already envisioned the perfect uniform, but bringing it to life, is proving to be a challenge. There isn’t anything that seems to align with your brand that’s readily available.

Browsing through extensive corporate catalogues from your local uniform rep would take too much of your time.

You might have even started researching your favourite retailers, or even bookmarked the best pieces. You’ve finally pieced them together and ready to purchase –only to find the sizes you require are no longer available or those beloved styles are completely sold out!

It is frustrating.

You’re also aware so many potential problems could arise if this process isn’t done properly. It’s not just about losing money or wasting time – you could risk your brand’s reputation.

What if you purchase several uniforms only to find out its ill-fitting for many of your team members? What if the fabric isn’t fit-for-purpose after a few wears? What if you don’t source products effectively, and that leads to blowing out the budget long term? What if you’re ready to launch, and the team has nothing to wear because the order was placed too late? 

Or what if your team ends up looking like Britney and Justin in double denim circa 2001?   WHERE WAS THEIR STYLIST?

Our ‘Style with Us’ service was created to not only bring solutions to these problems, but also provide professional inspiration for your uniform direction.



Collaborate with The Uniform Stylist to curate your unique uniform collection from ready made products.

Yes! It’s possible to achieve a cohesive look and a beautiful uniform aesthetic. It’s achievable to have a uniform that is far more creative than you thought possible - with the product sourcing and ordering completely handled.

We have a dedicated team of designers, stylists, garment technicians and trend forecasters who will search through 1000s of read-made products on your behalf. Our team then consolidates them into an ideal uniform that perfectly suits your needs and brand. Next, we manage everything else, from customising your logo right through to delivery.

If you engage us to style inspiring uniforms for your brand, you will receive:

On-brand colours and uniform designs.

Coordinated outfits for each role—so that every team member has options to choose from, and each role is easily identified as your inspirational brand.

Fabric recommendations to help you choose what will work best for each position.

Fit for purpose uniforms that meet industry standards and ethical certifications as needed.

Logo additions and bespoke detailing where desired. The options to feature your logo differently across various uniform pieces are extensive. We will recommend options for logo applications that will finesse your uniform pieces to the next level.

Competitive pricing: all products we offer in your final uniform solution are sourced at best market value. We source, negotiate and procure all items on your behalf. Volume package scenarios are also provided for your consideration.





Nothing, not even a pandemic, was going to stop The Goudies from launching The Bank Bar & Restaurant in 2021. We used elements of the brand mark which include stripes and some retro colours that had been matched with interior wallpaper and was a nod to the old bank itself.


Karrinyup Shopping Centre

The Karrinyup Uniform Suite encompasses uniforms for Concierge and Valet teams, Centre Management, Maintenance, Security and Cleaning services. Each outfitted style was signed off by a team of people who are dedicated to their staff. Together, we ensured that the staff are dressed to impress and always on brand.

Our Process


The uniform styling process is fun, creative, inspiring and collaborative. You’re in charge of your uniform vision—we just translate it into fashion, integrate function, and bring it to life! You’re able to tap into the apparel expertise of our team at every stage.

When it comes to budget, we will help you find a balance to get what you need—whether going higher-end for the look and function you desire! Or by making sure your initial budget is met by making clever concessions. That’s the benefit of having an experienced uniform stylist on your team!

Then we’ll arrange the delivery of your uniforms from trusted local suppliers, at competitive prices, on time and on spec. You don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to your new uniforms!

How it works

The Uniform Stylist makes your uniform styling, sourcing and ongoing uniform management seamless.


How long does it take to style and deliver your next-level uniform?

There is a timeline of 1-3 months for Uniform Styling.

Time frames vary depending on what products you choose and industry-dependent peak times, so contact us ASAP to get started.

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Group 32

The ‘Style with Us’ Service is perfect for your brand/business if:

Your organisation is in the Hospitality, Corporate, Resorts, Tourism, Major Events, Healthcare or Beauty industry

AND the following ring true:

  • You want styling support to give your brand the best aesthetic you can and are willing to invest in getting it just right.
  • You want long-term uniform order management from a trusted supplier. (US!)
  • You cannot stretch your budget and timeline for a bespoke uniform, but you still want your team to look amazing so they can perform at their best.
  • You need access to quick stock replenishments.
  • You have a minimum of 100 team members to dress, or are willing to invest in a professionally-styled wardrobe for a smaller team

Uniform Brands We Partner With



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Once quote accepted, we can move to phase 1.

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