The EMBASSIE range is a luxury clothing collection that is perfect for beauty industry uniforms – not just because it’s fashionable (like your stylish wardrobe at home) but because it’s practical for all day wear in the salon or spa.

All of our designs are made from materials blended with sustainably grown bamboo. Bamboo is just as soft as silk and cashmere, but without the high maintenance care (and designer price tag!). We choose bamboo because when you’re working in a warm environment all day, you want to keep cool, be comfortable – and not end up with sweat stains! You also want to look good too – Right? Its an added bonus that it’s also antibacterial which is ideal in a clinical space!

We’ve been asked to bring fashion back to beauty uniforms so that you’ll have direct access to online packages that work for your services, your busy schedules and the diversity within your therapists. Please get in touch with us if you would like to offer more feedback and be part of the fashion revolution!

Full range released this Spring.

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  1. Leesa Dawson on October 9, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    Hi There Ainslie,
    Thank you so much,
    I’ll send some information to your email address tomorrow. We are launching the online store next week, stock will be available to purchased then. Kindest, Leesa

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