Fashion Forward Hairdressing Aprons That Reflect Your Style

hairdressing apron

At The Uniform Stylist, we understand just how important an apron is to a hairdresser.

A hairdresser’s apron is like a rock star’s microphone, they are incomplete without one another. This is why we created the NOIR NATION collection, a range of fashion forward aprons designed for hairdressers that are unique to their salon, and their personality. We know that you have your own style, which is why you need a hairdresser apron that can not only reflect this but also keep up with your busy schedule.

One of our first aprons that is designed specifically for women is the ICON apron.

This is a cross back mini apron with a sleek feminine design. It features a convenient deep pocket with a cover so hair doesn’t collect inside the pocket, yet still provides easy access on the go. It is created using our Vegan leather, which, apart from being animal friendly, is also bleach proof. Plus, it’s lightweight and will keep you cool during the long days in the salon.

The HERO is a unisex bib style apron that is made from wax coated denim.

This means that it is mess and liquid proof, and can also be flipped over from the black coated side to the denim side when feeling like mixing up your look. The styling of this hairdresser apron is completely up to you! Anyone wanting to wear the apron above the knee can easily zip off the hem.

Our NOIR NATION collection of aprons and tops is designed specifically for hairdressers wanting to wear a fashion forward bleach proof aprons. Aprons that reflects their unique style and personality. For a stylish, modern and functional hairdresser apron that can keep up with you, and your style, visit our website for all the information you need to get started. Look good and feel good, every day, with The Uniform Stylist.

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