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We’re bringing fashion back to uniforms in the service industry.

The Uniform Stylist offers uniform solutions for beauty salons, day spas, clinics and hairdressers that are fun to design, practical, yet beautiful to wear and easy to shop for online. We also work with hospitality venues, caterers at major events and dress teams on super yachts!

Though it would be great to design a uniform that’s bespoke for each and every business, it’s just not feasible for most companies. However, we can offer collections that will enable each business to have access to a uniform that looks great and works for everyone. Our aim is for every member of the team to look good, and feel good, everyday!

In Australia, in fact anywhere in the world, the design and production process is costly. It’s a craft that cannot be replaced by a robot or a machine. Australian-made clothing usually means a designer price tag that won’t work for most uniform budgets. Fashionable retailers might have some great uniform options but are you paying too much for something at retail that is designed for weekend wear and doesn’t last long when on duty in a salon?

Life outside of the salon, cafe or venue happens. Staff come and go but your uniform choice needs to be on hand at all times, and in one convenient, reliable location.

We work with ethical off shore partners that we trust and who share our vision for premium-quality clothing produced at accessible prices. Who makes our clothing range is just as important to us as who they are made for, and what they are made from! We’re passionate about sourcing materials with a conscience, as well as creating durable products that will outlast cheaper options in the market.

We constantly hear that staff want uniforms that are fashionable, easy to care for and comfortable to wear, so they can look good and feel good while at work. Who doesn’t want to feel like a rockstar, doing what they love to do all day! (We do!) When you’re looking fantastic, you feel fantastic and can go about your daily tasks with confidence.

We’ve had the opportunity to work closely with salons who have asked us for uniform advice, or been keen to be a part of something long overdue in the industry. The community that has opened its arms to us so enthusiastically now has a uniform range that the beauty tribe can be proud to wear. The range will continue to evolve so that the variety will be available, but also so that the styles you love the most remain well-stocked, for when you need it.

The Uniform Stylist is all about collaboration – the communication between you and us will always mean that we continue to get it right for you.

Here’s how to get in touch so that you can be a part of the revolution – and get involved with bringing fashion back into the uniforms, that you want to wear everyday.

You can either shop online for immediate dispatch, curate your own (with only a small upcharge and wait time) or custom design to match your vision exactly.

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