Workwear Fashion 2020 and beyond. What does the next decade have in store for your wardrobe?

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The clothing we buy for our personal wardrobe is a decision we all make based on an emotional, sensory reaction. That decision is usually made in a split second.

Uniforms for your team are normally chosen based on what’s relevant to your business – and can take months or even years to decide what’s going to work best. Ultimately, uniforms evoke emotional responses from your guests when they’re interacting with your business (ensuring a memorable experience with your brand). At the same time, they need to enable the wearer to feel confident. Stylish. 

“We ’re not influenced by traditional uniforms or standard corporate silhouettes. We dare to be different by injecting fashionability and innovation into our designs, fabrics and colour options” Says our Creative Director & Founder, Leesa.

You might be thinking “How is it possible to convert high end catwalk concepts into practical uniforms?” OR “We don’t all look like models, I can’t wear that”. We’re not inspired by slender models and expensive clothing! Instead, we focus on innovative details that are relevant to workwear so that our ‘fashion for work’ will suit every body!

When we partner with businesses to design custom made uniforms specific to their brief, it’s never one trend or aspect that dictates the direction. it’s a combination of elements. Including input from the brand team.

So how do we interpret trends that are mostly designed for tall models and wealthy celebrities to create modern, professional uniforms?

We observe all designers (and lifestyle trends) with a macro view. We then identify consistent design details relevant to our niche, and the industries we work with, to ensure the styles we create are fresh & elevated. Not dated and …well…boring!

We aim to create workwear options that are enduring, sustainable and inspire the wearer to feel confident.

So – what can we all look forward to wearing to work in 2020?

1) The Crop Jacket.

Before you say “but I like/need/want to cover my bum”…hear us out.

Waist lines are on the rise (skyscraper high) – so you won’t be flashing anything in between. Plus, adding a longer line top underneath ensures anyone can carry off the look. A crop jacket layered over last season’s longline tunic is an INSTANT win for 2020…. and beyond. Also, with the crop length, you can wear it all day without creasing when you sit down. Genius! Move over basic cardigan, and pop on a crop jacket – Stay warm, and Stylish!


2) Wide leg pants & Bermudas

Yep, we know you’ve been a fan of the wide leg pant for a while…flattering, comfy & effortless. Just like our MOJO

Next season, add a press line to your wide leg pants to instantly become initiated into the next decade. Full length, 7/8 and even longline Bermuda shorts! With flats, runners or heels – get ready for the 2020 version of The Wide Leg Pant! Pick a statement colour – and no hem is too wide anymore!

3) Statement sleeve

We’ve been digging this innovative concept for a while – the statement sleeve is SO NOT GOING anywhere fast! That means we’ll continue to run our DASH and FOXY tops for another year!

You’ll be happy about this ongoing trend too! That’s because the full sleeve – or “pouf” sleeve – means all that extra volume around your shoulders allows you to move freely. PLUS, you’ll be be making all kinds of fashion statements at the same time. Creative, modern and practical!

Statement sleeve 2020

4) Shirt dress.

A favourite in our office – The shirt dress is going to be reimagined this season. We can all look forward to the ‘fit & flare’ silhouette that Dior made famous in the 50’s. It might have been named the “New Look’ in 1947 but it’s destined for success again in 2020 because (as extensive research tells us) it’s the MOST FLATTERING dress style for most body shapes. The length – past the knee –  makes this a perfect professional dress choice, as well as being a style that most team members will be able to wear with confidence! 

5) Leather Look outfits!

YASSS – we’re obsessed with bleach proof, “vegan leather” so we’re excited to be seeing this on trend, and practical, material on the catwalks again. Jackets, trousers, skirts and dresses – this season invites you to wear the FULL leather look from head to toe. Bonus points if you wear it with extra volume. The best way for you to guarantee you’ll never ruin your entire outfit with bleach, tint or make up.  Plus you can add extra layers for winter underneath. Practical and stylish. We’re thinking Jogger pant and tunic?? 

6) Utility styling.

This is a perfect way to update corporate styling, especially in Australia where the vibe is a bit more relaxed. Either crop or long line jackets – the utility pocket detail is a practical fashion statement because …POCKETS. One can never have enough pockets at work! Add this styling to a shirt dress as well as a jacket and your new team wardrobe will have options that work for everyone. And stay tuned for our boiler suit in 2020…we’re already wear testing the samples….

7) High waists

What’s often under-estimated about styles that emphasise the waist, is the fact the elongation of the crotch creates a small waist & longer legs. Regardless of what body shape you celebrate, or what height you are – 1 wide waistband is worth trying out! The high waist can also enhance curves!  For total success nailing the look, ensure the bottom of body is WIDE! 

8) Tie neck blouses

Not so much the pussy bow tie – We’re talking re-imagining plain shirts, and adding a built in scarf or neck tie that says “I’m a boss babe, not a pussy cat!” Tie low at the neck for a feminine take on a tradition tie. You might even be able to shift the tie to the waist. Most of the styles are made with the tie attached – so you don’t have to worry about losing them in the wash!

9) Skirt over pant – SKANT

Selfishly, we’d love to add a “Pantron” (or Pant + Apron) into our collections, or some might refer to it as a Skant. But – that all depends on what YOU want! We might be out voted here….thoughts?

Here are a few other silhouettes that might not be relevant to workwear….


We know it’s all about black, navy & dark colours that are “Slimming” and “Don’t show dirt” blah blah blah. We’re massive fans of this practical neutral palette and love all the shades of black.

BUT – just for a moment, forget what your mother, your boss or what society has told you is the most suitable colour for work in your industry. Instead, think about what colour might bring you JOY at work.

If you could pick a colour to wear, what would it be?
And whatever you chose, be prepared to wear it head to toe….

colour trends 2020

Let us know your thoughts on some of these in the comments…and head over to our collection on Pinterest for ALL THE LATEST WORKWEAR TRENDS in one place! 


Plus, stay tuned for part 2 where we share our interpretations of these trends and take some votes on what you want to wear to work in 2020!



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