New Year, New Decade! Is your business ready for The New ‘Roaring 20’s? - The new 20's

What an incredible time to be alive & in #business!

With so much devastation going on in our home country, Australia, over the past month or so, I wasn’t sure how to launch into the new year. How could we support those in need with respect, and serve our own community with positive energy . I reflected for a few days instead. I didn’t want to offend, or let anyone down.

And now – Mother Nature is already producing new life in the burnt soil. Injured wildlife are on the road to recovery – touching hearts all over the world as they bond with human carers and each other! The Aussie spirit still hasn’t been broken. I think it’s even stronger now. This kind of resilience reminds me that – “business as usual” is growth, time heals …and the show must go on.

What has been achieved over the past 100 years shows that miracles happen, and that any business can still BOOM on the other side of disaster. In between WW1, and WW2 there was a golden decade…just before a stock Market Crash 1929, and The Great Depression of the 30’s. And yet – here we all are….thriving less than 100 years later.

“They always say TIME changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself”. – Andy Warhol.

The Original Roaring 20’s.


Back in the 1920’s, people gradually abandoned inhibiting formal wear in favour of more comfortable, “free spirited” clothing. It became acceptable for women to wear knee length dresses & bobbed hairstyles. The bodices flattened the bust, and elongated the torso rather than enhance any décolletage or curves (can we picture KKW here?). Womens #fashion was influenced by Coco Chanel, Lanvin & Elsa Schiaparelli, as well as the actress, Marlene Dietrich. Men adopted active wear, or sportswear as mainstream daywear. Trends for men were inspired by new spectator sports – like Boxing or Basketball – and men were the only cheerleaders until about 1930. Iconically, menswear was also inspired by the charm of  F. Scott Fitzgerald. We’re picturing Leo DeCaprio – you?




Illness was relieved thanks to the recent discovery of penicillin, antibiotics & immunisations. Vitamins – were found to also provide many health benefits.


Assembly Lines were invented to generate efficiency in manufacturing, contributing to economic prosperity. Soldiers returned from WW1 seeking the ‘better life’ they fought for, especially prioritising family time & general good health. Booth men and women were contributing their talents in the work force, hence the working class become RICH. They spent their money on Technology, Tourism & Leisure. Government bodies invested in new roads …and crime


100 years ago, humans delighted in the convenience of new inventions like commercial motorised cars, radios, TVs, frozen food and white goods.

Mickey Mouse, Tarzan, Winnie the Pooh, Crossword puzzles, Silent movies, the BBC, Jukeboxes, & Jazz Music entertained young & old. The Charleston was the mainstream dance, popular in the dance halls for many years, with steps that later influenced the Lindy Hop & The Jitterbug. Al Jolson and Gershwin wrote lyrics to songs that sold millions of records that didn’t require both an “Expletive” & a “Censored” version to become a hit. An epic list of authors published enduring literature such as The Great Gatsby, Lady Chatterly’s Lover & Little Orphan Annie. Many books later evolving into film & stage productions that have been reimagined many times since. Tutankhamun’s tomb was uncovered in 1922, re-igniting global fascination for Ancient Egypt Art. Art Deco style influenced the design of buildings, furniture, jewellery, fashion & cars. As well as everyday objects such as vacuum cleaners, radios and glass wear. The Surrealist art movement of the 20’s championed the irrational & depicted the workings of the subconscious mind into reality. Also influencing Picasso’s “3 Musicians” & many infamous creations by Salvador Dali. (Art history geek here – sorry, long paragraph – stay with me)


Misunderstood youth were known as THE LOST GENERATION as a result of losing loved ones in WW1. There was a sense of feeling displaced over the following decade.

Women who liked to party, wear excessive make up, drive cars & flaunt their contempt for social & sexual norms were known as “Flappers“; deemed unintelligent due to their daring behaviour. However, women were finally allowed to vote after years demanding that their voices be heard.

Reprehensible men were known as Gangsters. Al Capone, became the most well known Crime Boss. Largely due to his capitalisation of the prohibition of alcohol at the time – distributing the “Jitter Sauce” far and wide.  His celebrity status in the public eye was earned due to his dealings in illegal business niches (industries also supported by corrupt politicians and law enforcement) as well as blowing establishments, and innocent humans, up. He was responsible for for the wide proliferation of brothels and had a penchant for flamboyant jewellery. A self described hero for the people, “just giving them what they want”. He was feared and admired. The face of “Gangsta”. A complimentary term to this day!

Fast forward to the 2020’s :- 


Revolutionary cancer treatments save lives.  Marijuana is legalised with proven medicinal, life changing benefits . Prosthetic limbs change quality of life. Plastic surgery can enhance beauty as well as repair traces of disease or trauma . Science can create human life, stepping up when nature provides painful barriers for longing parents, regardless of gender. Good humans genuinely care about #globalwarming and are passionate about their personal impact on the planet. Most people actively seek information and opportunities to create a more circular and #sustainableeconomy. People are conscious about what they consume, internally and externally.  

#MentalHealth and #Wellness are becoming the fastest growing industries of our time (aside from tech)… no longer taboo topics or woo woo.


Fashionistas prioritise quality over quantity.  It’s now chic to recycle, with a “2nd hand” tag no longer a symbol of poverty. Chanel continues to inspire as an iconic brand. Celebrities are using their fame for positive role modelling, anti-bullying campaigns and philanthropy. They bravely open the doors to their personal lives via social media. We can’t get enough of ordinary people doing ordinary things in real life. We even watch TV shows where we get to watch regular people watch reality TV shows. Confused?

You’re #instafamous if you have more than 1,000 followers on Instagram (pretty much everyone). A quirky jig on #TikTok, can make you famous in 15 seconds.


Songs like “Baby Shark” and “Gangham Style” are likely to go viral, and never leave your brain for days after you’ve heard them. Some of us still haven’t mastered ‘flossing’! NETFLIX & CHILL means different things to different people. “Binge watching” it is a universal habit adopted by all generations. Movies can be watched on tiny devices, on planes,in bed,  in 3D – and even 4D. You can make your own movie, song, recording of your cat losing its mind over a cucumber and upload it for the world to see – for free. Sculptures can be replicated by 3D printing them. You can travel almost anywhere in the world on any budget – no longer just a treat for the wealthy. Sport is a way of life for many, and unites communities.  You can find love on TV, the internet – and even Marry a stranger.


Self-driving Cars, Robots that perform surgical procedures, Virtual Reality and AI are no longer just Sci Fi Scripts. Addictions to cigarettes and fad diets have reduced dramatically over the last 100 year, but we’ve switched to new vices instead. We have digital access 24/7. We can choose to can go “off grid” with the flick of a switch, or if the battery is dead. Or by throwing out little fibs like “I didn’t get your message” or “we weren’t in an area with internet – soz” replying to people 4 days later. Our location and steps can be tracked by phone or by drone. We’re on first name basis with Siri and Alexa, in the same way we used to be with the local barista. 


Gender equality, diversity & Inclusivity are topics finally embraced by the majority – albeit slowly. Women publicly call out sexual abuse and can successfully run a country with Integrity, compassion and a newborn . They respect their own bodies and The Sisterhood more than ever. Real men cry, and understand that “No”, means “No!” #SelfCare practices like meditation are included into daily routines by hugely successful people, and those creating the most positive impacts in the world. You can marry whoever you fall in love with. 

Self-love is not “selfish”. 


Each Generation shows some kind of empathy for others – even if they don’t quite understand each other’s motives or social outlook. 

Heroes are brave people who fight dangerous fires and save lives while putting their own at risk. Comedians have the power to unite a nation, and the world in times of devastation. 

Terrorist attacks remind us that the human spirit will always prevail over evil. Children are some of the most powerful activists in the world, tirelessly speaking their truth and demanding change for the future. While world leaders are too busy deleting their embarrassing tweets.

Crime really doesn’t pay.

If a person has a “blow up” these days it’s a good thing for their career or personal brand…even if it may have started with a leaked sex tape. 



The “9-5” work day is making way for flexible working hours – supporting parents with young kids, single parents, and general well being for all. The “Gig mentality” not only allows freedom for digital nomads but provides countless other benefits. We’d be complaining even more about heavy traffic and emissions if everyone was on the road at peak hour. Employees are the most valued part of any business – “If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”. Women are often the family bread winner, even if they generally don’t earn as much as men – yet.

Some MIC DROPPING stuff has happened over the last century reminding us all that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE.

We have the ability to steer the ship, and make our own history.

HAPPY New Decade! 

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