Groundbreaking, sustainable scrubs that are antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial & so much more.

Wellness and beauty scrubs by Kangarama

A groundbreaking new range is about to launch here at The Uniform Stylist and we couldn’t be more excited. Introducing a new line of sustainable scrubs, featuring a truly unique fabric technology for ultimate safety, comfort, and wearability. The new range, created by the textile wizards at Kangarama, features innovative anti-viral technology, making them suitable for a wide range of practitioners and industries, particularly those working in healthcare sectors.

Eden Cargo Scrub Pants 05

Kangarama Scrub set – Womens French Navy

This is an exciting step for us at The Uniform Stylist, as we always strive to offer creations which are not only beautiful, flattering and fashion-forward, but practical in their design and boasting textile benefits that directly suit the unique needs of our wearers and their occupations. That is exactly what we’re now able to offer by introducing this new range. Traditionally, healthcare uniforms have prioritised function over form. With the new Kangarama range, there is no need to sacrifice one over the other, with scrubs that are both functional and beautiful. Here are some of the key points of difference you’ll find in this incredible new scrubs collection.

Eildon Three Pocket Scrub Top 02

Kangarama Mens scrub set – Coastline Blue

Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial

We know that bacteria, fungus and viruses can reside on textiles for hours, sometimes days depending on the material. This can be of concern not only for those working in healthcare, but any beauty or skin therapists who see a high volume of clients on any given day. The fabric developed by Kangarama is antiviral, antibacterial & antimicrobial.

Infographic with anti-viral technology

Protection from infections with Kangarama scrubs

When it comes to conventional antimicrobial textiles, most incorporate substances which work to disrupt the cellular DNA of invading microbes in order to debilitate them and prevent them from proliferating. This is very effective in most microbes, but can also result in some becoming resistant to those antimicrobial agents.

Utilising Arma Technology, our new scrubs disable microbes through the mechanical action of Lysis. The fabric incorporates molecular spikes, so small that they cannot be detected by human skin, yet can rupture the cell membranes of bacteria and viruses. With cell membrane integrity compromised, microbes are unable to survive and spread. This product has been entered with the ARTG (ARTG 349484).

Male Medical Professional Kangarama

Kangarama Sustainable scrubs worn by male medical professional in Melange Grey

Exceptional Quality & Durability

We have been searching arduously to find a scrubs supplier that ticks every box to be able to provide our community with the best solutions. At last, we have. Self-described as a ‘Material Science Company’, our new partner is perfectly aligned with The Uniform Stylist’s philosophies of combining form, function, and fashion. They utilise science-based methods and technologies in order to develop innovative ‘wearable safety’ that is durable and comfortable, whilst still being fashionable. And to top it off, all scrubs are Australian designed and owned.

Kw T003 Front Stone Ghostmannequin Kangarama

New collared scrub top in Stone


Expertise in Fabric Technology

Selecting the right uniform should be about much more than just a nice cut and the right colour. There are endless options on the market that can cater to this, but there are a number of additional factors that can define the difference between a good uniform and an excellent uniform that lasts for years. After all, providing uniforms for your entire team can be costly. We believe the fabric of your uniforms should not only look good, but WORK for you. It should stand the test of time, offering enough strength and resilience to undergo thousands of washes without fading or thinning. This is especially true for beauty and medical sectors, with scrubs being subjected to chemicals, product spills, and bio waste – resulting in frequent and thorough wash cycles. Our scrubs have been durability tested time and time again not only to prove that their quality and colour remains after a high volume of washes, but also that their antimicrobial technology remains intact.


Kangarama Dustypink Swatch

Dusty Pink Fabric Swatch – Kangarama new range 2023


And just in case you thought the fabric gurus at Kangarama had forgotten about important aspects like breathability, stretch and low iron requirements, you can rest assured that these are also prioritised. These scrubs are unlikely to disappoint the fussiest wearer!


Being environmentally conscious is another one of our key philosophies – and yet another reason we are so proud of this new range of beauty and medical scrubs. Throughout the creation of our new scrubs, sustainable practices are accounted for throughout the manufacturing process, including the fabric and dye products. Incredibly, these scrubs have been created using recycled plastic bottles!

Tus Blog Kangarama 8

Kangarama and The Uniform Stylist scrubs infographic – Recycled materials

Often referred to as rPet, consumer plastics are collected and put through a material conversion process where it is chopped, ground, melted and reformulated. This forms a resin which is then turned into yarn, ready for fabric creation. This is a great way to divert plastic from our landfills and repurpose it, making for a much more sustainable wardrobe choice. Research also shows that during rPet production, less CO2 emissions are generated, so less energy is required compared to the production of Virgin Polyester. The particular yarn used in the new Kangarama scrubs is REPREVE yarn, the world’s leading brand in recycled performance fibre, with its very own traceable footprint.

Repreve Image Kangarama

REPREVE image of plastic bottles recycled to make yarn – Pic cred Kanagaram

Our scrubs are also OEKO-TEX certified, a well-known and trusted certification for sustainability and product safety. When a fabric is awarded this, it means it has been tested by OEKO-TEX for harmful substances (which can be found in some chemical dyes) and declared safe for human use. This certification cannot be purchased and can only be obtained upon the completion of rigorous testing standards.

Tus Blog Kangarama 9

Kangarama and The Uniform Stylist scrubs infographic – Eco Friendly Dyes



We understand that investing in uniforms for your team is a costly one. Scrubs are renowned for their often heavy price tags, and with a high volume of staff, this can quickly add up to thousands. It can therefore often be common for small business owners to base their uniform selections largely on price, which is understandable. Unfortunately, product quality can sometimes be reflected in the price. By opting for cheaper alternatives, you will likely end up spending more in the long term. Poor quality fabric will break down quickly after multiple thorough washes (the type required by those working in skin, health, and medicine) and you may need to purchase additional pieces much sooner than you anticipated. We are proud to offer the Kangarama scrubs at an affordable price point considering the product’s outstanding durability and sustainability features.

Fitzroy Cargo Scrub Pants 11

Kanagrama – Practical Cargo pocket scrub pants

You can probably tell just how incredibly excited we are to be introducing this range of sustainable scrubs to our beauty, aesthetic medical, and healthcare communities! We truly believe that we have discovered the perfect balance of wearable safety and style with this new collection, and we can’t wait for you to discover the beautiful range of colours for yourselves.

Environmentally friendly beauty scrubs

Infographic for sustainable scrubs by Kangarama – Arma Technology


Email to request a catalogue for the full range of brand new colours and styles available right now.


By Mala McAlpin


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