The New Sanctuarie Spa Wear Collection

Mood Board linen blend uniforms

The Uniform Stylist is excited to announce that our bestselling Sanctuarie collection has received an upgrade! Featuring the same gorgeous look and style, we’ve added some small enhancements to both design and fabric making these incredibly popular spa wear pieces even more stylish, versatile, and long-wearing than ever. Here’s what you need to know about the new and improved Sanctuarie line.


Low crease, high durability

Linen is often considered the premium choice of fabric for bed sheets, tea towels and tablecloths because of its durability and resistance to spills and stains. We’ve taken this to the next level and introduced a sprinkle of polyester into Sanctuarie’s linen and viscose fabric blend, in order to create the ultimate long-lasting, durable uniforms that will stand the test of time. This addition also makes the pieces more resistant to creasing – we understand how precious time is to our customers, so if there is ever an opportunity to reduce the need for ironing, we take it! The new blend still retains all of the luxurious qualities of the previous, including elegant drape, softness and comfort, and being made in line with our sustainable principles.


Linen and dried flowers table setting

Calming linen table setting: Shutterstock


Unique Fabric Development

This fabrication is completely unique to The Uniform Stylist, and has been curated specifically for the beauty, spa and aesthetics sectors. This includes our unique, ultra-fine fabric coating which protects the uniform fibres from absorbing spills too quickly. This, we feel, is a quality that is essential for uniforms in hair, beauty, skin, and body-devoted environments where splashes, skincare, haircare and massage oils frequently stain and deteriorate traditional fabrics.



The Heart of Beauty team

@theheartofbeauty_ C/- Instagram


Those already wearing our Sanctuarie collection know that this special coating softens and adjusts to the user after several wears. Upon receiving your chosen Sanctuarie pieces, you’ll find them fresh and crisp out of their packets. However soon after, they’ll naturally develop their elegant floaty aesthetic. Softening with wash and wear over time.

New Sanctuarie Outfit

Jete spa top and Meze spa pant worn on model

Updated silhouette 

A key design ethos at The Uniform Stylist is to reflect the latest fashions and interpretations of current designer collections, combining this with the needs of industry. This has resulted in a small adjustment to Sanctuarie’s designs. Firstly, we’ve made the  Meze jogger pant slightly longer and narrower in line with modern silhouettes. These changes are soft and subtle, keeping all of the elements you and your team love most about our spa wear : the modern lines, flattering stretch waists, gentle flowing movement, and most popularly – the generous feminine sleeves on our Jete Tunic!

Jete wrap beauty tunic

Front view of Jete wrap top beauty tunic with notes


Meze spa wear pant

Meze spa wear pant with notes


On Trend Aesthetic 

We’re thrilled to see linen as a trend still thriving within the fashion industry. Linen is well known as a robust, natural fibre that boasts many benefits. Its personality is luxurious but relaxed, conjuring images of a decadent beachside culture Australia is known for. This has made our Sanctuarie collection extremely popular with day spas, wellness retreats, and coastal salon locations around the country. This is also a wonderful choice for any personal care business thanks to its comfort, flattering design, and longevity. Linen is renowned for its lightweight feel that provides breathability in the warmer months. Our unique blend is heavy enough to provide plenty of warmth in the cooler months.

Sportsgirl Wrap Top in linen

Wrap top: Sportsgirl



Hydra Wrap Top Watson & Watson

Wrap top: Watson & Watson


Linen Spa Wear style

Linen top & Jogger pant C/- Zara

New Colours

In addition to Sanctuarie’s stunning new design enhancements, we’ve also added two new colours to the collection; Blush and Caramel, in order to complement even more types of businesses and their teams


Star Waist Apron Blush

Blush / silver tie waist apron with pockets


Star Waist Apron Caramel

Caramel / black tie waist apron with pockets


So, whether you’re already a lover of our Sanctuarie collection, or new to your search for eco-friendly, artisan beauty and spa uniforms, we would love to introduce you to our elevated range. Call us on 1300 416 718 or email to speak to us about the new range, including options for custom uniform embroidery. We’re offering 20 minute complimentary consultations with our stylist to create a custom design uniform just for you! Reminder : Minimum order 200 – 500 per style for a custom colour or design. See our STYLE WITH US page for details and booking calendar. We can’t wait to hear from you!


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