How to cut costs, save time and have full control over uniform solutions for your business.

Uniform Strategy

“It’s impossible to find uniform solutions that align with our brand”

“Ordering uniforms is SO hard”

“I want everyone on my team to be happy in their uniform”

“We need quality that will last but don’t want to go over budget”

“We can’t plan ahead with stock, because we don’t know sizes”

“In our business, we need a style that suits staff of all ages and all body shapes”

“Our Brand is unique – our uniform needs to stand out from our competitors”

The Uniform Stylist: What you wear is your Uniform

The Uniform Stylist: What you wear is your Uniform

If you’re responsible for ordering uniforms for your business, then some (or all) of these statements may sound familiar.

Maybe you feel like you’ve drawn the ‘short straw’ when it’s time to place a uniform enquiry, and wish that a magic Uniform Fairy will come to your rescue. 

We get it. 

Managing a Salon, Spa, or Restaurant is not for the faint hearted! You need to be an expert in your industry niche and a team leader.  You have to take responsibility for everyone and everything in your business. As well as doing ALL THE THINGS! That includes being a Uniform Fairy.

Have you considered the benefits of implementing a uniform strategy for your business?

Creating fashion for your business can be FUN….as long as you have the right strategy in place.  

Here’s why…

Stripe T-shirt collection

Bulk order benefits


Sounds both obvious and daunting at the same time.

We’re not talking about lock in contracts, or ordering a warehouse full of stock that may never end up being worn.

That’s the last thing we want. It’s our role to provide recommendations as to how you can potentially cut your uniform budget in half (or at least save you a LOT of money), save time for managers and reduce stress. Especially when good staff resign -we all know that it’s “Murphy’s law” that most likely – new staff will be different sizes.

It’s just a plan, not a contract! A practical strategy – not a life sentence. 

Time Saving! Courtesy,

Time Saving! Courtesy,


With a strategy in place, everyone in your business can get on with what they do best….and leave the uniform ordering process to us.

That way, key staff can maximise their expertise in the business where it’s needed most, and minimise their time spent ordering / sourcing uniforms.


Our advice is a recommendation only – it’s always your choice to proceed, or keep your own system in place. Our recommended uniform solutions are designed to meet your specific key objectives.

STRESS! Pic : Grant Puckett

STRESS! Pic : Grant Puckett


We can hear it in your voices, and see it in your faces – It can be so overwhelming when it comes to ordering uniforms for your team.  You want all staff to be happy – but the style needs to be in line with the brand aesthetic…and of course, be the best quality. There’s a lot to consider, and it can take a long time to reach a decision.

Perhaps you’ve had some bad experiences in the past too. It’s understandable that when new uniforms are needed, you might be filled with dread. The whole process can be challenging.

We understand all of these concerns. We can share the load and offer the kind of support and service that the uniform styling process deserves. It’s your brand image, and staff confidence we’re prioritising here. We’re not sales reps and we’re not about commissions or sales targets. We’re here to help simplify the process and ensure the journey from concept to delivery is a pleasant one.

We just want the best outcome for your business.

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A lot of small businesses want to design their own custom uniforms with us. We’re reasonably flexible when it comes to minimum orders, unlike many other suppliers. However the time it takes for us to produce 10 custom designs – is the same as it takes for us to make 1000…in fact, often MORE time.

So the price we can offer to do small quantities is often not workable. 

However, we can accomodate solutions for staff numbers 70 – 100 as a minimum (per gender).

If this sounds like your business, and you’re genuinely interested in working with us on a bespoke strategy for your business, then maybe it’s time to get in touch?

As this post goes live, we’re taking custom design uniform solutions for Jan – April 2020.

Capacity with our suppliers is filling up fast. 


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We rarely offer discounts for our online stock, our prices are designed to be accessible – everyday. 

Our rates for custom designs and set up fees are well priced – and quoted according to your brief.

However, for returning customers, and volume orders – we offer rebates and we can waive some of the set up fees.

So it’s worth exploring these options when it comes to discussing your strategy in order to achieve the best uniform solutions for your business.

Sustainable Recycle Via SustyVibes

Sustainable Recycle Via SustyVibes


One area of sustainability that we focus on is stock management. We will never encourage you to fill a store room of uniforms ‘because it’s cheaper’. 

We’re not in control of hiring your staff, opening new sites for you, or even as aware of the high and low periods for your industry like you are. If you’re comfortable to share these trends, and future plans with us – then we can help you plan uniform solutions and refine your stock levels.

But – what if – even with all this information, and good intentions – the planets don’t align?

What if all kinds of unexpected situations arise – and as a result you order TOO MUCH STOCK?

The way we work is unique. We have numerous pathways for you to explore in regard to the mindful management of excess stock!

We can even re-home some styles that have been worn, but still in good condition! Together, we can achieve ZERO waste. 

We guarantee that over a 12 – 24 month period  – you will have saved money and time, as well as reduced stress for your team by considering a uniform strategy.  On top of all these benefits, you may also be able to be a part of a circular fashion movement.


You don’t need to rely on a mythical creature to help you plan your strategy. The Uniform Stylist is your “Uniform Fairy”. We’re dedicated to supporting the service industry so that ordering uniforms is not hard, expensive, wasteful or boring.  Lucky for us, we don’t have to run a Salon, Spa or Restaurant – so that we can focus on what we do best! Manufacturing quality uniforms is a small part of what we do. Our priority is being able to design, source and provide uniforms that meet ALL of your objectives. 

It’s all about collaborating together so that we can design fashionable & functional wardrobe solutions for your business. The Uniform Stylist takes the frustration out of the process of uniform ordering so that you can eliminate stress, reduce cost and minimise excess stock in your business. We specialise in creating fashion for work in the service industry, for corporate brands and styling major events where an elevated look is required. We present options and you get to choose what scenario will work for you. 

If you’re interested in a FREE 15 minute consultation to find out if your business is eligible for a customised strategy – please contact us on 1300 416 718, or send an email to







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