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Professional Beauty Master Class 2019

The Uniform Stylist celebrates 12 months as one of Australia’s top supplier of beauty uniforms! From the initial concept that prompted the launch of The Uniform Stylist, to today! Featured in the recent Master Class of Professional Beauty, are the inspirational women who have collaborated with me, and educated our team about the needs of the beauty industry.

Here’s why I chose some of these incredible beauty professionals to show case the EMBASSIE launch collection, and why their input is critical to uniform design developments for salons, spas and clinics in the future.

GRY TØMTE, Founder/Owner

I’ve known Gry for a few years, as we worked together in the past – creating beauty uniforms for her multi award winning, Nordic style skin clinic. Having the privilege to work with someone as passionate as Gry gave me invaluable insight into just how important it is to have uniforms that are in line with your brand image. The HUD aesthetic is articulated so clearly in every detail, and yet finding that perfect uniform readily available was nearly impossible. I remember Gry had researched suppliers all over the world! Nothing is compromised at Hud. You can see that in all 3 levels of Gry’s clinic, as well as the exceptional staff that make up her team. In the time we spent collaborating on uniform designs, a huge gap in the market was exposed. A gap for designer style pieces that are not only functional, but suit a modern clinic or salon. I have Gry to thank for inspiring the business idea exactly 1 year ago, and igniting a passion to provide the best uniform solutions in the modern beauty space.


Owner/ Therapist BALANCED BEAUTY

I was introduced to Sally through a mutual friend who recommended Sally as ‘a true beauty expert, she’ll give you honest feedback’ . It was important to get feedback from the beginning from a variety of salons, and therapists, so after watching several of Sally’s You Tube videos and social media posts, I thought she seemed like someone sincere, someone that I could trust.  She only promotes what she believes in, and I love the value she offers her followers with her genuine beauty product reviews. Sally has a big, generous heart, so naturally wanted to help a friend of a friend, but more importantly, help support other beauty professionals just like her. Owner /operators, who want to not only look good at work in their own salon (which is often in their home) but also – impress their clients by wearing beautiful beauty uniforms every day. I have Sally to thank for many hours reviewing my sketches and samples – testing them out from the beginning, and offering a voice in the collection on behalf of other hard-working therapists just like her.

TAMARA SHAW, Founding Director

Tamara and I connected through Instagram as we started our business journey (from an online point of view) at a similar time. Coming across the BI platform was like gold, I was able to listen to podcasts from industry experts – and connect with like minded souls in the beauty industry all in one place. As a member, we’re able to celebrate the milestones of each other’s businesses, be educated about industry trends and share business tips with other business owners. Tamara, an expert professional in the skin industry herself, is passionately dedicated to supporting the BI community.  I don’t know how she does it! It’s here that I first learned what #collaborationovercompetition really means, and what that trending hashtag looks like in real terms. Tamara has formed genuine connections with her followers and members, and if you’re part of her network, she really does have your back.  She reviewed a lot of the samples before the launch and believes in the value that the Embassie beauty uniforms can offer her Beauté Industrie members. I’m so grateful for our connection.



Naomi and I also met through Instagram last year.  We immediately discovered our mutual devotion for providing a 5-star product and service for our clients. For Naomi, that’s everything associated with luxury spa and wellness design and operation – from concept, design brief, feasibility through to staff training and selection, equipment and product procurement and operational readiness.  She maintains personal involvement in her client’s spas with all services provided by herself and her two team members, Carla and Holly and together they work tirelessly to ensure every detail is on point for launch. Naomi’s spa consulting business isn’t new, she’s been independently consulting since 2005 to elite Hotel and Resorts in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. As well as creating new brands Naomi also has management contracts with some of the regions finest.   During her time consulting, sourcing and finding uniforms has proven challenging with limiting offerings that matched the desired outcome for teams in her spas.  Naomi’s experience is extensive,  and her vision is clear which makes working with her so effortless. We’ve worked collaboratively on a few projects now and I’ve learnt a lot about what is important in the luxury spa space, and what is needed to keep the online ranges fresh, innovative and accessible to other spas and high-end salons.

NEHA HOBSON, Blogger, Influencer and coach.

We met at a Beauté Industrie event last year. Neha and I bonded over our passion for the promotion of ethical products in the Beauty space. I spent time getting to know Neha’s Beauty by Neha business because I often get asked about coaches and PR support for beauty businesses. I want to be able to recommend the best to my clients! In a way what we offer goes hand in hand, we’re both passionate about how we can help elevate a brand image in order to help that business grow.  Neha uses her high profile, personal insta account in a way that I don’t see from many other influencers. She genuinely supports her clients and the cruelty free brands that she believes in 150%.  Being so enthusiastic about all things beauty, Neha has a constant thirst to learn more so that she is able to share the freshest trends with her audience. Image is everything in the beauty business and what image means for the success of a business. It has been great to have her support and positive energy involved in several aspects of this business.

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